Hazardous Areas Awareness – Dust Only

The Hazardous area awareness – dust course is designed to increase awareness for workers operating within hazardous areas. It will equip them with the skills to identify risks and implement suitable control measures to reduce the hazard to acceptable safe levels.


The explosive atmosphere may be caused by the presence of a flammable liquid, gas, vapour or by the presence of combustible dust in suspension or in layers.

Dusts that are explosive include:

Coal, aluminium, paper, timber, plastics (polymers), steel, sugar, wheat, corn, flour, salt, milk powder and any other dust produced during the production of food.


Any work carried out in the hazardous area must only be done by persons holding the relevant competencies, licences and/or certification relevant to the type of work being undertaken.

Hazardous Areas Awareness course delivery

Hazardous Area Awareness training is conducted at your own pace, online using our internet based program.


The written assessment is completed and submitted online.


This is non-accredited training.

$ 275.00 (GST Inc.) Online Only
For further information please contract our Training Department on 1300 761 366