HA Design, Plan and Classification

  • Accredited course
  • Delivered over 5 days
  • Emphasis on the installation and maintenance equipment

Hazardous Area Design, Plan and Classification

Course Description

Our Hazardous Area Design, Plan and Classification Training course is intended for electrical workers, engineers and technicians involved with installing, maintaining electrical equipment in hazardous areas and area classification.

Our course has been designed to cover hazardous area classification procedures and techniques for Gas and Combustible Dust installations.  Students will be taught the correct method of analysing and classifying the hazardous area and will be given in depth knowledge on how to assess flammable material properties and ignition characteristics.

Content Delivery

This is a 5 day course deliverd in a face-to-face environment.
Currently training at our Mackay, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth facilities.


Upon successful completion of this course, students will learn:
Hazardous Area Management.
HA Design Principles and Objectives.
Explosion Protection Techniques.
Classification Principles and Techniques.
Planning a Hazardous Area.
Engineering calculation such as MDP, IS Parameters etc.
Equipment selection in a Hazardous Area.
Design of Pressurisation and Ventilation Systems.
Hazardous Area Earthing requirements.

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Skills obtained


Compile and produce appropriate documentation of work operations.


If you know what to look for, you can work smarter, safer and be more productive.


Pair workplace protocols and creative initiative to methodically design and produce various projects

Risk Management

Determine likelihoods and consequences to implement appropriate procedures.

Our Trainers

Mark Harvey
Being a Hazardous Areas specialist, Mark has 10+ years’ experience with engineering of Hazardous Areas.

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